One of the healthiest and tastiest snacks not only conquers the fitness market, but establishes itself as one of the best-selling Healthy-Food products. It is the perfect snack and helps your employees to get through the day full of energy and focus.

Our Pancakes can really be seen with a very good protein to calorie ratio! This is better than most protein bars. Each 45 gram pancake is packed with 16g of protein. But the pancake contains only 2.3g fat (0.5g unsaturated), 13.1g carbohydrates (2.8g sugar) with only 136 calories.

The best...

The Nanosupps Protein Pancake does not contain any ingredients that can strain or fatigue us!

NO corn syrup

NO sugar alcohol

NO cholesterol

NO Transfat

Special discount for companies (per order)

6-12 boxes = 15%.

13 + boxes = 20%

More productivity through a snack with many positive properties!

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