Nanosupps - NANO BCAA - 420g


(€71.16 Kilo)

Anabolic anticatabolic BCAA's in unsurpassed 2:1:1 ratio in combination with essential electrolytes for maximum muscle building, maximum training performance, faster recovery and anticatabolic muscle protection during diet and competition preparation!

Product Highlights

  • Pure Vegan
  • No artificial colorants, fillers
  • Sweetened only with Stevia
  • Great taste in 9 different variations
  • Noble packaging with wooden spoon 
Nanosupps - NANO BCAA
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No matter what goal you want to achieve in bodybuilding, sports or your body development, BCAA NANO will help you achieve that goal faster. If you want to build strength and muscle mass or maximize your athletic performance, you will benefit from BCAA NANO maximizing your muscle protein synthesis and delaying the onset of muscle fatigue during hard workouts.

After training, BCAA NANO will quickly replenish the BCAA reserves of your muscles, which have been severely depleted by training, thereby not only accelerating regeneration, but also transforming a training-induced catabolic environment into an anabolic, muscle-building environment as quickly as possible.

During diet and competition preparation, BCAA NANO can prevent the dreaded catabolic muscle loss, which is almost inevitable in such a scenario, and also inhibit hunger and appetite when used between meals.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrients and other substances per portion 5 g

L-LEUCINE** 2050 mg

L-ISOLEUCINE** 1050 mg

L-VALINE** 1050 mg

IODINE 51 μg (34 %)*

* % of the nutrient reference values

** branched-chain amino acid


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